Jr. Co-Op Course Description – 2015-16

Nursery: Infant – under 2 yrs. old
*A morning filled with lots of fun and TLC!

Preschool: 2 & 3 yr. olds:
*A morning filled with some academics, lots of fun and TLC!
*Curriculum being used: “Before 5 in a Row”
Supplies Needed: TBD

Pre-K 4 – early 5’s:
*This class will enjoy a hands on academic and fun day. They will be following curriculum similar to “Five in a Row”, as well as, learning about God’s Creation through Land Animals.
Supplies Needed: TBD

K – 3rd Grade
These students will be learning God’s truth through the following classes:
1) Science: Apologia’s Exploring Creation through Land Animals
2) US Geography
3) Art Appreciation (fall semester)
4) Sign Language (spring semester)
Supplies Needed:
*Science: Apologia’s Exploring Creation through Land Animals – Textbook Required
*Optional: Corresponding Notebook Journal
*Geography: TBD
*Art Appreciation: TBD
*Sign Language: TBD

4th – 5th Grade
These students will be discovering God’s truth through Science, Literature and a 30 minute weekly Devotional.
Science: Apologia’s Exploring Creation through Land Animals: students will tour through their own backyards, go on a safari and be introduced to the varied inhabitants of jungles, deserts, forests, farms and other ecosystems. Discover how people are different from apes, how to tell poisonous and non-poisonous snakes apart, how to get away from a bear and more!
Arranged by classification order, animals are divided into the distinctions given in Genesis–wild animals, livestock and “creatures that creep.” Each chapter is packed full of interesting facts and notes, characteristics, differences between species, habits, habitats, bright photographs and more fun information that kids will love to learn. Factor in interdisciplinary skills by keeping records of where each animal is located on a map, narration questions, notebooking, tracking tips, and numerous household, hands-on experiments and projects.
Literature: This coming school year, children will be introduced (or reintroduced) to several books and authors that stand the test of time, the classics! The year begins with the thrilling and fun Roald Dahl and bounces into the internal struggles of Ramona Quimby (hello, awkward years personified!). Then they will be introduced to the more advanced but exquisite George MacDonald (whom C.S. Lewis and Tolkien revered as children) and the adventuresome and practical Gary Paulsen, whose writing about survival post-plane crash is riveting. At Christmas, they will read Dickens’ short and sweet classic tale, and as they head into their second semester, the students will read Lewis Carroll and Mark Twain, some of the most influential writers in history (not to mention fun-loving!). They will finish the year with the sweet and sad Black Beauty and then finish off with the fun and Christian allegory of C.S. Lewis.
*If you are concerned that your child won’t be able to follow the more advanced readings, consider family read-alouds and/or if necessary (or even possible), an abridged version, though don’t go to that unless your child is lost halfway through and so are you!  As usual, the books will be brought to light in class, so even a student who is lost in their reading can participate and understand the book’s most important elements.
Book List
Month Book Title Author
August – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Roald Dahl
September Ramona’s World Beverly Cleary
October The Princess and the Goblin George MacDonald
November Hatchet Gary Paulsen
December A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens
January Alice in Wonderland Lewis Carroll
February The Prince and the Pauper Mark Twain
March Black Beauty Anna Sewall
April The Voyage of the Dawn Treader C.S. Lewis

*OPTIONAL: (will be used in class as a writing lesson frequently): Show, Don’t Tell: Secrets of Writing by Josephine Nobisso
Supplies Needed:
*Science: Apologia’s Exploring Creation through Land Animals
*Optional: Corresponding Notebook Journal
*Literature: ALL books from book list – listed above
*Devotional: TBD
*Other basic supplies: TBD